About Us

We are a full service product development company that provides a one-stop-shop for your product development needs.

Circuit Design and Layout

Analog and Digital Solutions to Power Your Product

We are experts at designing for microcontroller-based applications, as well as designing creative analog front ends such as SONAR transceiver or motion controller. Wireless technology has become a mainstay of our designs and we work frequently with power efficient protocols such as Bluetooth as well as low power cellular and LoRa.

We can support all stages from simulation, to breadboarding, to layout. EDA packages that we routinely use include:

  • Autodesk EagleCAD
  • Mentor PADS
  • Pulsonix
  • KiCad
  • Altair FEKO Computation Electromagnetics (CEM)

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Mechanical Engineering

Creative Solutions that Watch the Bottom Line

Early-stage mechanical design is often done without thinking about the manufacturing or assembly process that the final product requires. We emphasize Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/DFA) at an early stage, providing cost estimates as early in the design process as possible. In addition, we can perform in-house Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for static and dynamic stress, heat transfer, and fluid flow.

CAD packages we commonly use include:

  • Dassault SolidWorks
  • AutoDesk Fusion 360

Software Development

Solutions from Firmware to Application Development

As wireless, mobile, and IoT have become more prevalent, most of our projects now require an “app” software layer as well as backend web support. At HatchPoint, we amplify “Full Stack Development”, building everything from the system firmware, to the user’s mobile app, to the backend that manages and collects the data.

A few languages and frameworks that we like to use include:

  • Firmware: C/C++ with bits of Assembly tossed in when it matters. Many of the chips we work with are ARM-based, but we also use AVR and MSP series.
  • Mobile Apps: Xamarin for cross platform support, with native code where performance requires it.
  • Backend and scripting: Typically, we work with Python and C#.
  • Database: Common tools are MySQL or MongoDB.

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Protoyping and Short Runs

Getting Your Project Off the Drawing Board and Into User’s Hands

HatchPoint doesn’t stop at simulation or design. We can build your first units as well. Whether a one-off to show investors or a short-run for user testing and evaluation, we work to get the product you imagined into your hands. Tools that are often used are:

  • 3D FDM printer with 10"x10"x18" build space
  • RTV molds
  • Assembly of circuit boards with small pitch components
  • On-site manual and CNC machines

Manufacturing Support

Scaling Your Product to Meet Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Working with manufacturers who have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs is key to getting your product to market. We are happy to connect you to preferred vendors who can fully support your manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution needs, and we can manage the process of transitioning your product from prototype to production. We have experience designing Quality Assurance (QA) plans as well as designing programming and test fixtures.

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Intellectual Property Assistance

Helping to Protect your Innovation

Properly maintaining control over your intellectual property (IP) not just protects your innovation, but also adds value to your product and company. We can help in the patent process by supplying invention disclosure documents, patent drawings and referral to trusted patent attorneys.