Helping Chronically Ill Children Live Healthier Lives

AirLane was an internal project developed at HatchPoint that originated from a conversation with a pediatrician who was upset by how difficult it was to get kids to use life-saving respiratory therapy. We prototyped a wireless adapter that connected to a range of common therapy devices. Then, we used the collected telemetry to control games to incentivize and train children to use their devices as well as measure the effectiveness of their treatments.

AirLane evolved into a startup called Autonomy Medical (formerly Compliant Games) that successfully raised a seed round of investment. Product development has continues and we are testing and evaluating the system in pediatric populations including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell.

HatchPoint managed all initial development of AirLane including mechanical, electronics, and software design as well as securing patents, working with regulatory consultants and navigating FDA requirements. Along the way, we won a Cool Ideas! design award from ProtoLabs that helped us get AirLane into the hands of kids who needed it.

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