Health Tracker

Wellness in the Palm of your hand

Extracon Science manages employee wellness programs for corporate, non-profit, and government agencies. Extracon faces the challenge of engaging employees over the long term to achieve meaningful health benefits. Extracon’s solution has been to implement challenges in which employees or departments compete against each other to meet fitness goals. To do this, they needed to collect accurate data.

Extracon asked us to design Tracker, a mobile app that collects fitness and nutrition data including calorie burn during exercise, caloric intake, and the users weight. Meal and body weight data is entered by the user and verified via photographs. Exercise data is collected using the phone’s pedometer. Information is automatically synchronized between the user’s device and Extracon’s servers, eliminating cheating and greatly simplifying the data collection process.

Tracker supports both iOS and Android devices collects data via Google Health or Apple’ HealthKit. Tracker has become a key component of Extracon’s strategy, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competition and more successfully gain clients and participant adherence.